Funeral Plan

Funeral Plan

All human beings share two universal experiences: birth and death. Although it is probably not so much fun to think about our own mortality.

The sooner we reconcile with the fact that one day we will die, the better. Take one more step: the sooner we decide to prepare ourselves for our own death, so as not to add a burden to our loved ones in pain, the better.

Funeral Plan

The world is a crazy place, and if, due to illness or accident, we never know when we are going to take our last breath.

Do not you want to help your family and love ones be prepare?

Of course yes.

Funeral Plan
Funeral Plan

How much does it cost to die?

The final count of how much it costs to die will vary from person to person.

But there are a number of costs associate with death, including.

  1. Final medical expenses
  2. Funeral services
  3. Expenses for cremation and / or burial
  4. Headstone
  5. Casket or urn
  6. Obituary
  7. Lost wages for your loved ones
  8. Creditor claims
  9. Legal costs

Final Expense Insurance For Seniors

These are just some of the final expenses that can arise when a person dies. It can be estimated that the cost of dying is more than $10,000.

That’s a lot of money, especially when it’s unrespect. $10,000 can damage financially or destroy a family.

Do you want your premature death to have that result?

Of course, no.

How can I prepare myself financially for my death?

For financial preparation, you have some options: life insurance or prepaid funeral plans.

What are prepaid funeral plans?

Funerals sell prepaid funeral cover over 85 plans. You choose everything from the coffin to the cemetery.

The members of your family will not have to do anything other than appear. Some people like this route because they make sure that their funeral takes place exactly as they wish, beyond the grave.

What are the drawbacks of a prepaid funeral plan?

There are three main drawbacks of prepaid burial plans.

Prepaid funeral plans

The first drawback is that you buy directly at a funeral home. If you are still relatively healthy and death is not around the corner (hopefully), then it is difficult to make a commitment about where to hold your funeral.

Things change, people change. You could move. You could change your ideas and wishes. Are you really sure how and where you want your funeral to take place in twenty years?

Another form of prepaid plans for the funeral is the lack of regulation of the contracts prior to the funeral plans.

The life insurance industry is highly regulate. However,

What about your funeral director?

Millions of dollars spent on pre-need funeral plans are lost because the funds are misuse or misappropriate.

Finally, your family / loved ones will not receive any cash benefits. This means that things like lost wages will not be recover. Your family will need time to grieve.

No one wants to return to work the day after the death of a loved one. But if they do not receive any cash benefits. Then they will be force to return to work or suffer financially.

What is a final life insurance plan or funeral expenses?

Think of it as funeral insurance with benefits. A final funeral or expense insurance plan is similar to prepaid funeral plans

As it helps you prepare for burial expenses. However, there are some important advantages to the final expense and burial insurance.

Funeral Cover Over 80, 82, 85, 86, 89, 90 Years

First, you can leave money to your loved ones. The burial insurance policy is generally a lump sum that your loved ones can use when they need it.

If they must set aside part of that money for lost wages, they can do so. Or you can spend it all on your funeral and the final expenses.

Another great advantage is that your family is not restrict to a single funeral home. They can decide where and how to celebrate their funeral. When you buy a final expense or a funeral insurance policy.

Funeral Cover Over 85

If that is not enough, the final life or funeral expenses policies usually have really flexible payment plans. No age limit prepaid funeral cover over 85 plans are rigid in payment, which can be difficult.

Burial insurance comes in different types, including simplified insurance and guaranteed life insurance. Therefore, if you need coverage but have a pre-existing medical condition, you can still find life insurance for seniors over 85.

Last but not least, the overall amount give to beneficiaries of their funeral insurance over 80 to 90 is almost tax free.

How can I find a final expense life insurance plan?

We hope you can now tell why a final expense plan is better than prepaid funeral plans. Now, where do you find the best possible funeral insurance policy?

Funeral Insurance No Age Limit

We help people like you prepare for their death, even when there are twenty or forty years left! We work with dozens of the best best qualified life insurance companies, many of which have a final expense policy.

Once we talk to you, we can assess your exact needs and help you find the right funeral cover insurance company to make sure you get the best type of no age limit funeral insurance plan policy possible.

So, what are you waiting for?

Call us today or visit our Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you! Funeral Plan For Senior Citizen Over 70, 75, 80, 85 to 90 Age.