Funeral Insurance No Age Limit

Funeral Insurance No Age Limit

It’s a type of burial insurance policy that can offer your family with the cash they need to help pay for your final expenses and burial related expenses. Among the most common expenses associated with a burial and funeral are the casket, funeral plot, headstone, flowers and final funeral service.

Funeral Insurance No Age Limit

Funeral Insurance No Age Limit
Funeral Insurance No Age Limit

The National Funeral Director’s Association performed a study of final expenses and found the average expense of memorial and funeral expenses to be $7,555.00 including a container. The average expense of funeral and memorial expenses without a container was $6,560 – based on their 2009 study.

The NFDA is the world’s leading memorial association, serving more than 18,500 individual members who represent more than 9,900 memorial homes in the United States and internationally.

Social Protection pays a lump-sum loss of life benefit of $255 which is due upon the loss of life of somebody who has worked long enough to be insured under public protection.

Best life insurance for 95 year old

The one-time lump-sum loss of life payment of $255 is due to:

A enduring spouse if he or she was living with the deceased; or, if living apart, was receiving certain public protection benefits on the dead individual’s record; or If there is no enduring spouse, a child who is eligible for benefits on the dead individual’s record in the month of loss of life.

So, how can you pay for the price of your own burial insurance and final expenses?

Either you can save up enough money to pay for your own expense, pre-pay the burial insurance plan or you can choose to buy a funeral insurance for seniors policy plan. There are several well-known elderly parents funeral insurance plan policy companies that offer best burial plans including Globe Life, Mutual of Omaha, New York Life, and Colonial Penn, among others.

Best burial insurance for seniors over 80

For example, one highly-rated senior life insurance plan policy carrier mentioned above offers people ages 78 and under up to $30,000 of no examination insurance for seniors over 80 which you can apply online for In just minutes.

Funeral insurance over 80 years of age

Usually, a final expense insurance plan policy will offer a limited amount of burial insurance for seniors over 90 up to $25,000, a simple online application, and there is usually no medical examination required; however, there may be a few health questions for you to answer when you apply for your life insurance for 91 year old policy.

Burial insurance for seniors aarp

Some aarp life insurance over 90 plan policies may even offer up to $30,000 or more of simple no examination insurance plan policy that can be used to pay for your funeral cover over 80 and final expenses and offer money left over for your loved ones.

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